Best ranked top things

Best Ranked Top Things in the List

You know those top 10 or top 6 or top whatever lists you see that make up articles all over the internet? We thought it might be interesting to grab the results of some and see how they measure up. When someone casually claims that something is the best in class, should you believe them?

Top Business Majors: Accounting

6 Business Majors to Consider

Accounting tops the list as the number one major you should consider if you are contemplating business studies at university or college. Our first reaction: there’s a reason why people shy away from accounting. For most people, it is rather boring after all.

But there is also justification for the choice. Accounting is the language of business. Having strong skills in this area sets you up for career success across many fields. For example, many Chief Executive Officers, not to mention Chief Financial Officers, have an accounting background.

Computer Game Benefits: Creativity and Logic

Benefits from Playing Computer Games

The list of benefits from playing computer games is deeper than you might expect. Perhaps it unsurprising given how much kids and many adults enjoy the activity. People tend to have more fun when they’re learning.

Creativity and logic skills is a reasonable choice as the number one benefit. Many games challenge players to solve problems using logic or more creative approaches. Problem-solving skills advantage you in many aspects of life and could even be useful for a future career as a software developer or other roles associated with computers.

Online Study Tips: Set a Major Goal

21 Study Tips for Online Classes Success

This makes sense once you appreciate the challenge of taking an online class. Sitting at your computer alone, with numerous potential distractions, you really need motivation to get stuck into your studies. That starts with having a major goal.

The other tips for online study success don’t seem quite as important, though many could be seen as essential in the sense that you have to do them. For example, it may be hard to succeed if you don’t take study breaks or beat deadlines.

Reducing Child Support: See Your Kids More

How to Avoid Child Support Legally

This is a bit of a no-brainer if you can pull it off. For most child support schemes, seeing your children more is the best way to lower payments.

The item on top of the list in this case is fairly obvious. Some of the tips and tricks lower down may actually be more useful because they’re less well known. For example, you can lower payments by informing bureaucrats as soon as your income drops.

Study Hacks: Walk Before an Exam

20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

Gee, I could have aced that exam if only I’d walked before doing it. Seriously, though, there is scientific evidence backing up the claim that you should start an exam after doing light to moderate exercise. It’s been shown to increase mental activity.

You may also feel more relaxed in the exam if you’ve walked beforehand. Walking has a natural calming effect and allows you to mull over your crammed knowledge. Frankly, though, most students have to walk to exams anyway, even if they would prefer to be dropped off at the exam-room entrance.

Why Get an MBA: Career Advancement

Why Get an MBA? Top 10 Reasons

Hard to argue against “career advancement” as the top reason for getting an MBA, especially given the ability to do an online MBA and continue working while you study. An MBA is a large investment of time and money. You want a payoff from earning the degree and “career advancement” captures that well.

Here is a case where the top of the list actually covers some of the items further down. “Higher earnings” is ranked second but you almost inevitably get paid more if your career is moving ahead.

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